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From Silicon Valley to Oslo

A talk about my experience moving to Oslo after many years in SF and Silicon Valley. It was a surprise to me that living in Oslo feels more like living in the future than life in SF, and it also made me reflect a lot on why life is so different.

You can watch a recording from the Y Oslo conference in 2021 or Booster conference in 2022 or just have a look at the slides with speaker notes.

let resume = {
  name: 'James Byrum',
  experience: [{
    company:      'Variable',
    url:          'https://variable.co',
    location:     'Oslo, Norway',
    startDate:    new Date('2022-02-01'),
    endDate:      undefined,
    jobTitle:     'CTO'
  }, {
    company:      'Vipps',
    url:          'https://vipps.no',
    location:     'Oslo, Norway',
    startDate:    new Date('2018-08-06'),
    endDate:      new Date('2022-01-31'),
    jobTitle:     'Engineering Manager'
  }, {
    company:      'CreativeLive',
    url:          'https://creativelive.com',
    location:     'San Francisco, CA',
    startDate:    new Date('2014-05-05'),
    endDate:      new Date('2018-01-12'),
    jobTitle:     'Director of Engineering'
  }, {
    company:      'theBoardlist',
    url:          'https://theboardlist.com',
    location:     'San Francisco, CA',
    startDate:    new Date('2015-09-01'),
    endDate:      new Date('2018-01-29'),
    jobTitle:     'Principal Engineer'
  }, {
    company:      'Coin Ledger',
    url:          'https://coinledger.io',
    location:     'San Francisco, CA',
    startDate:    new Date('2014-02-05'),
    endDate:      new Date('2017-09-25'),
    jobTitle:     'Everything'
  }, {
    company:      'TalkTo',
    url:          'https://talkto.com',
    location:     'Cambridge, MA',
    startDate:    new Date('2010-11-16'),
    endDate:      new Date('2014-04-18'),
    jobTitle:     'Engineer'
  }, {
    company:      'WebMocha',
    url:          'https://webmocha.com',
    location:     'San Francisco, CA',
    startDate:    new Date('2009-10-01'),
    endDate:      new Date('2010-12-15'),
    jobTitle:     'Lead Web Developer'
  }, {
    jobTitle:     'Traveler',
    locations:    ['Antarctica', 'Andes Mountains',
                    'Atacama Desert', 'Perú'],
    startDate:    new Date('2008-12-12'),
    endDate:      new Date('2009-09-30')
  }, {
    organization: 'Ministerio de Educación de Chile',
    location:     'Porvenir, Chile',
    startDate:    new Date('2008-07-01'),
    endDate:      new Date('2008-12-10'),
    jobTitle:     'English Teacher'
  }, {
    company:      'Yahoo!',
    url:          'https://yahoo.com',
    locations:    ['Sunnyvale, CA', 'London, UK'],
    startDate:    new Date('2004-05-01'),
    endDate:      new Date('2008-06-30'),
    jobTitle:     'Frontend Engineer'
  }, {
    company:      'NEC',
    url:          'https://www.necam.com/',
    location:     'Santa Clara, CA',
    startDate:    new Date('2000-05-08'),
    endDate:      new Date('2004-04-30'),
    jobTitle:     'Frontend Engineer'
  patents: [{
    publicationNumber: 'US 8898157 B2',
    title: 'Systems and methods for providing search relevancy in communication initiation searches',
    url: 'https://www.google.com/patents/US8898157'
  }, {
    publicationNumber: 'US 9015155 B2',
    title: 'Multi-user communication system and method',
    url: 'https://www.google.com/patents/US9015155'
  }, {
    publicationNumber: 'US 20130268446 A1',
    title: 'System and method for entry of structured data',
    url: 'https://www.google.com/patents/US20130268446'
  }, {
    publicationNumber: 'US 20130066988 A1',
    title: 'System and method for establishing presence in a brokered chat system',
    url: 'https://www.google.com/patents/US20130066988'
  technologies: [
    'HTML5', 'CSS3', 'Javascript',
    'Node.js', 'Express',
    'React', 'Angular',
    'Python', 'Django',
    'Nginx', 'Apache',
    'MongoDB', 'Redis', 'MySQL',
    'WebRTC', 'Go', 'Java', 'Arduino'

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